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jeffrey koepper: Bio

Jeffrey Koepper creates emotional electronic music. His music, sound sculptures and production are easily recognizable as his own. His early releases were with the group Pure Gamma. After departing this project he struck out on his own as a solo artist.  Etherea, Momentium, Sequentaria , Luminosity, Radiate, Quadranteon, Arctisonia, Konnektions and Terrelektra are his full length releases. Koepper's reputation as a skilled Berlin school composer is well known. His influences,  the  early electronic musicians Tangerine Dream, Jean Michel Jarre, Klaus Schulze and Steve Roach can be felt in his music. These influences were the spark that ignited his creative spirit. Koepper's sound merges warm pulsing meditations, sequential rhythms, deep textures and serene soundscapes.  True to his roots, Koepper uses a variety of analogue synthesizers and analogue sequencers to create his evolving sound-world sculptures. He strives to "create the music of tomorrow with the technology of yesterday." His desire is to continue in the fine tradition of classic electronic music while bringing forth his unique approach of creating warm, emotionally crafted music.



Influences: tangerine dream, klaus schulze, steve roach, vangelis, jean michel jarre, david sylvian, neuronium, kraftwerk, neu, Berlin school electronics, visage, japan, ultravox, YMO, brian eno, human league, duran duran, simple minds, arp, oberheim, moog, sequential circuits and many others...