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jeffrey koepper: Guestbook


February 10, 2009

I hear there is going to be a live cd, looking forward to it.

walter m.

February 9, 2009

Will you play a concert in germany in the future?


February 2, 2009

Emitter is a great track. Love Luminosity.


January 30, 2009

Luminosity is amazing-keep them coming thanks erik


January 27, 2009

Luminosity is your best cd, congrats on a job well done.

Jamie Mackenzie

January 19, 2009

Hi Jeffrey

Just received 'Luminosity' & absolutely love it.

Congratulations & well done.


A. Donovan

January 12, 2009

I heard your new song on Hearts of Space last night..nice music.


January 9, 2009

Just received Luminosity. Wow what a beautiful recording, artifacts is my favorite track so far- I am impressed.


January 3, 2009

Just discovered your music, its very nice. thanks alfred


December 26, 2008

Nice new tracks on the music page. I definitey want the new cd. Nice work jeffrey.


December 16, 2008

Nice cover to Luminosity, cant wait to hear the music.


December 15, 2008

New album cover looks really cool. Can't wait to hear it.


December 9, 2008

Checked out your mp3's-nice stuff


December 8, 2008

Отличный сайт! Спасибо создателям за вложенные в проект силы.


December 7, 2008

deep space sequences-I love it!


December 3, 2008

Caught your concert in philly-great show.

craig allen

November 13, 2008

Sequentaria is the best berlin school album I have heard in a long time. Hope you come out with another soon.


November 9, 2008

Cool sounds


October 26, 2008

Love your sound-looking forward to the new album..keep up the good work

Bo Stern

October 12, 2008

Hi Jeffrey
Love "Ancient Sunlight" and the other masterful pieces on Etherea. Where is your next concert taking place (the mysterious Gatherings reference)?

steve B.

October 8, 2008

Your music is awesome!!!


September 29, 2008

Keep working ,great job!


September 17, 2008

Stumbled upon your music most likely from "The Gathering" site?...anyhow, your sonic creations are incredible! reminds me of the stuff i hear on and late night Echoes/Stars End WXPN shows :)

Mac of BIOnighT

July 13, 2008

Listening to the tracks in the music section right now - wow, that's great stuff indeed!! O___O

Jamie Mackenzie

May 15, 2008

Hi Jeffrey

Just a quick note to say that the new CD is brilliant - congratulations.



Steve Humphries (Create)

May 9, 2008

Hi Jeffrey

Just wanted to say how much i'm enjoying your new Cd Sequentaria.
Love the first track Blue Sector which sounds very much in a 80's TD vein complete with those classic PPG Wave sounds!:)

To my ears anyway a more melodic disc compared with say Momentium which is also great.

Need to check out your first Cd which i believe is mainly ambient if i'm not mistaken?

Wish i could of made the live shows on Stars End and also at The Gatherings.
But living in the UK proves difficult!;)

Take care


Steve H (Create)


May 4, 2008

Thank you very much for a good site


April 21, 2008

Hello, for you good site! Interesting design

Raymond Bushnell

March 19, 2008

Looking forward to your new Cd of Newage music.

Deborah Koepper

March 6, 2008

Wow, Jeff, congratulations on the new website and the music love Deb


March 4, 2008

Jeffrey, your sounds are simply the best !

Please continue to make us dreaming, space travelling, flying...


March 1, 2008

Hey Dr. Jeff, like the new look on the site...
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